Must-Have Toys for Making Playgrounds at Home

Having an active toddler means that your little one likes to move and play. Like when taking a walk outside the house, your little one will be happy when invited to a playground filled with toys. If you have a house with an empty room, you can turn it into a playground-style playroom. To make it happen, this is a must-have toy for you to build a playground at home.

1. Mattress to protect your little one when falling

Before having all types of toys, you should provide a mattress to cover the floor of the room. This mattress is useful for protecting your little one when he falls and can also be used as a seat when playing on the floor.

Choose a mattress that is a safe thickness and suitable for the needs of children and brightly colored. Also, choose one that is easy to clean. So, if the mattress is exposed to water it will not be damaged and can be cleaned immediately.

2. A must-have toy slide

This one toy is arguably a compulsory toy on the playground. Every child must go to the slide when playing in the playground or any play area. Currently, the slide already has various shapes and types. There is also a slide that is designed for indoors. Besides that, the slide also comes in various forms.

If you want to have a slide at home, it’s best to choose one made of plastic. Also, do not choose a size that is too big and tall. You can buy one that’s suitable for toddlers with bright colors.

3. Swing equipped with safety

Unlike the swings in the park, there are now many indoor swings. Because the swing is a toy that is always monitored when used, you should choose one that is safe. Many of the swings are safe, complete with a safety belt and not too high. This safe plastic swing is perfect for toddlers. Swing is also still a favorite toy for children today. Don’t forget to teach children to stand in line when playing the swing.

4. Houses and other household appliances

Household toys are also recommended to have to complement the playroom. It is suitable for mothers who have daughters. Complete household games with their contents, such as kitchen utensils or other household utensils.

5. Self-driving cars

Horses and toy cars can also be complementary in the child’s playroom. If you feel that the room will become cramped, you can choose one of these toys, whether it’s a toy car or a house.

6. Basketball hoop for more active exercise

This basketball hoop toy choice can also be an option so that children can be more active. Buy a basketball hoop that is the right height for the children. Also, choose a ball size not too big so the child can hold the ball well. if not, you can also use Pikler Bogen as a replacement.

7. Kinetic sand to train gross motor skills

To train your child’s gross motor skills and creativity, you can provide a little space to specifically play kinetic sand. Playing this sand your little one can get several benefits. Children can be more creative by learning to form sand, more patient with how they can shape their toys.