For about two months we have been advised to carry out activities at home, now there is a relaxed government regulation to be able to do activities outside. But of course, it is still recommended to be at home and comply with the applicable health protocols when we want to do activities outside the home. Talking about the new normal we are still doing activities as usual, but the difference is, there will be new habits that we have to apply as long as this pandemic is still ongoing.

The government is also preparing to welcome this new normal by disciplining to clean public facilities and public transportation and also provide facilities for us to be more diligent in maintaining hand hygiene. Even some malls have also begun to use technological sophistication to adapt to this era. Some replace the use of the elevator button that is pressed with just a wave of the hand. So, we don’t need to touch the elevator button which can be a hotbed of germs and viruses!

Yes, everyone is getting ready to undergo a new normal. Well, especially as a mother who is at the forefront of protecting the family, we must also be ready to face this new normal. So what should we prepare for in this new normal condition when we leave the house? What habits should we adopt?

  1. Make a habit of washing hands with soap after touching items that are not necessarily clean.
  2. Use a mask when leaving the house. The position of the mask must cover the mouth and nose.
  3. As much as possible avoid crowds and still be advised to stay at home if there is no urgent need to go out of the house, ma’am.
  4. Always carry hand sanitizers, personal eating and drinking utensils, personal worship equipment, dry and wet wipes, and a spare mask if you want to go outside the house.
  5. If possible, keep the cellphone in its container. So, when it is in the bag, it is not contaminated with other clean items.
  6. More extra to consume fruits, vegetables, and if possible also supplemented with a multivitamin to maintain endurance.
  7. Most importantly! Even though the new habit has been implemented, old habits such as brushing your teeth before bed should still be continued.

Maintaining oral and dental hygiene, especially during this pandemic, is very important, The mouth is the main door for germs and viruses in and out. So, don’t let the food scraps start to breed germs and viruses in our mouths and teeth. Get used to brushing your teeth regularly in the morning and at night before bed. For matters of protecting teeth, Supplement steel bite pro.

The problem is that this steel bite pro supplement is equipped with natural ingredients that can prevent cavities, maintain gum health, prevent plaque, and maintain the strength of tooth enamel. So, there is no such thing as germs and bacteria that linger in our mouths and teeth.

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