Buying a vehicle should be fun and exciting. The problem is, it is not always easy to tell if you have purchased a ‘lemon.’

Upon purchase, the vehicle may have been functioning correctly, and you even received a warranty with it. After a week or so, it breaks down, you take it back to the dealer and get it repaired. After a while, it breaks down again.

In such a scenario, a lemon law attorney can help you get your money back since you have a lemon car on your hands.

Statistics reveal that law firms in California boast a 90{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} success rate in lemon law cases, so your chances of receiving just compensation are high.

What is Lemon Law?

A Lemon Law enables customers to receive a replacement of a car that was bought with a substantial mechanical defect or a refund.

For a Lemon Law to be effective, problems with the vehicle must happen while the car is under warranty.

In California, the Lemon Law requires a dealer or manufacturer that cannot fix a car to obey the manufacturer’s express warranty after several repair attempts to repurchase or replace it. Only a lemon law attorney in California has the experience to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours.

Do Not Settle for Any Lawyer

The California Lemon Law is broad and has various requirements for various lemon law cases. When choosing an attorney to represent your California lemon law claim, always go for one who is skilled in the law and available for consultation.

How to Choose a Lemon Law Lawyer in California

  1. Inquire About Their Costs and Fees

A lemon law attorney usually offers their services on a contingency-fee-basis, since they are confident that they will win the case. However, it helps to find out if they will charge you any money upfront.

Additionally, ask what portion of your recovery the lawyer will keep for themselves. Many lawyers will ask for a part of any punitive damages they recover.

  1. Ensure That You Trust Them

Without trust, a case cannot be won, no matter how simple it is. The lemon law attorney will make recommendations on the amount your case is worth, so it pays to have a solid professional relationship with them.

There are several ways to know if your lawyer of choice is trustworthy: Spare some time to know them better. Observe how they answer questions. Do they provide you with all the information? Are they easy to understand or vague?

Alternatively, you can request your loved ones to recommend a lawyer for you.

  1. Find Out Their Level of Expertise

Studying the California lemon law alone should not be a reason enough for you to trust a lemon law attorney for your case. Inquire how many lemon law cases they have litigated and what their success rate is.

Finding out what step they plan on taking should there be any issues with your lawsuit and how they plan to overcome them is another effective way to gauge their expertise.

For a better chance of receiving compensation, work with a lawyer who has been in the business for at least five years with an impressive record.

  1. Confirm That You and Them Have the Same Goals for Your Case

The California lemon law allows consumers to recover:

  • Reimbursement for incidental damages, such as rental car costs and repair charges
  • A civil penalty for at least two times the actual damages
  • Repurchase of the car and remuneration for every payment made towards the car

Therefore, before hiring a lemon law attorney, please discuss with them what recovery they intend to pursue your case.

In case you do not understand any part of the case or like further explanation, always seek clarity, so you both are at par at all times.