What to Do After a Truck Accident

Trucks are notorious for causing high incidences of accidents on various roads. The increase of truck accidents in main roads is due to defective truck tires, brake-related crashes, problems with steering wheels, and engine problems. In other instances, the drivers are negligent and fail to adhere to the road rules and ending up over speeding or overtaking recklessly.

After an accident with a truck, you need to take various steps to ensure the driver at fault is held accountable for his mistakes.

Seek assistance

The first thing to do after an accident with a truck is to seek assistance. You should contact the relevant authorities or medical professionals to attend to those who are injured. The authorities will help in the collecting of a police report, which is useful in the process of claiming compensation from the insurance company.

Contact a lawyer

You should also contact a truck accident lawyer who will help better claim a good compensation rate from the insurance company. The lawyer will examine the accident’s nature and value the compensation amount you should seek from the insurance company.

A good lawyer will ensure you get compensation to cater for any medical bills, lost wages, and any physical trauma suffered.  The personal injury lawyer also understands the law and will ensure that the driver at fault does not take advantage of the lawyer’s naivety.

The best time to consult the services of a lawyer is immediately after the accident. Early contact ensures the lawyer advises on the nest step to take and prevents you from making malicious mistakes.

Gather evidence

You can gather your evidence by taking photos that clearly illustrate the nature of the accident. You need to collect testimonies from people who witnessed the accidents. Take their contact information for future reference if the case is taken to court.

Call the insurance company

An insurance company will compensate you if you are not at fault in the accident. The insurer needs evidence that proves that you are innocent, and the truck driver should be held accountable. Involving a qualified lawyer increases your chances of compensation.

Reporting the accident immediately to the insurance company boosts your chance of getting an insurance claim. If you delay reporting the accident, the insurer might be reluctant to offer any compensation in the future.

Remain at the site of the accident

If you are at fault or not, you should never leave the scene of the accident. Driving away from the scene makes you look guilty, and the other party can take advantage of that. The law will charge you of that malicious act, and you will face harsher penalties in the court of law.

Bottom Line

The events of an accident can be traumatizing, and that can affect the right decision making. However, some minor mistakes, such as accepting compensation payment at the scene or driving away from the accident scene, can have severe law implications. If you are not sure of the next step to take contact your truck accident lawyer for the best advice.