Personal injury lawyers are lawyers who specialize in tort law. They provide legal advice to people who sustain injuries due to disregard of another person, company, government, or entity registered under the law. The hurt may either be psychological or physical.

They are primarily civil lawyers. Civil lawyers are those that help recover compensation from one entity on behalf of another entity.

A personal injury lawyer will take on all sorts of cases resulting from negligence: car accidents, air travel accidents, medical malpractices, wrongful deaths, child daycare negligence, et al. Animal bite injuries, construction accidents, and nursing home negligence also fall under this category.


Almost all cases resulting from the negligence or intentional act of a third-party entity will require a personal injury lawyer’s attention. In most cases, only a qualified personal injury lawyer will get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries suffered and damages involved. In these cases, personal injury lawyers will always be worth the legal cost charged for their services.


All injuries resulting from an intentional act or negligence of another entity will require a personal injury lawyer. However, the following instances make the services of the lawyer a necessity.

  1. The insurance company refuses to compensate in good faith.

Insurance companies refuse to make adequate compensation to their clients. The reason is that they understand that most clients do not understand the terms and conditions involved in seeking compensation.

Other insurance agencies will practice lousy faith insurance tactics and flatly deny any compensation for injuries sustained. Should you find adequate compensation not available, contact an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer immediately to take up your case. In fact, before you ever accept a settlement offer, you should always consult first with an experienced lawyer. You will most likely be able to collect much more of a settlement with the help of an attorney than settling a case on your own.

  1. The negligent party refuses to admit liability.

In other cases, the negligent party will deny liability to avoid the cost of compensation for the losses and injuries suffered. For example, in animal bite injuries, the liable party may choose to deny responsibility for the accident.

A personal injury lawyer helps in squaring this out and assisting in compensation negotiations.

  1. When there are several entities involved, and the liability is complicated.

Car accidents involving several other vehicles may be challenging to assign liability. In such cases, the fault may not be simple and may, at times, be due to several parties involved.

When involved in such a case, seek the services of Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

  1. When severe long-term injuries are involved

After an accident, a person may suffer long term injuries needing comprehensive care. The damages may also be disabling, and the said person may require assistance for the rest of their life. The person even loses their ability to pursue their careers further.

In such instances, the process of determining fair compensation is complicated.

In conclusion, in scenarios deliberated above, it’s prudent to contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

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