Why Real Estate Agents Need Direct Mailer Marketing

With the way today’s top industries have all pivoted to an emphasis on digital marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of exactly how important a print advertising footprint is for small businesses, including independent real estate brokers and their agents. If you’re working to establish your presence in the community, you really can’t underestimate the reach of print resources like billboards, local newspaper and television ads, and even direct mailers that go out to the whole community.

Your success in this industry is based on your ability to build leads and follow through to make a sale, whether you represent the buyer or the seller. That means reaching out to parts of the community that consume media in different ways will always spread your message further. Digital marketing is often emphasized for its cost-effectiveness in terms of total impressions, but a good real estate mailer is one of the most inexpensive print options you can go with, and the return on investment is also superb when compared to the average performance of other advertising methods.

Combining Digital and Print

The most effective modern marketing for real estate combines these methods of outreach by clearly pointing to the web site and social media profiles for the company in print mailers, ads, and commercials. This helps customers who are comfortable reaching out digitally make the conversion to those communication channels. It’s also a good idea to include phone and email contacts, though, for people who are more comfortable reaching out without logging on to social media. The result is a powerful set of outreach tools that plug customers into the most comfortable communication methods for them. You can take it from there.

What Goes Into a Marketing Mailer?

Real estate mailers are designed to show off what’s exciting and new at your business. That means putting up some of your favorite listings to show off the market. Linking the mailer to your website or social media helps people sign up to see more listings through an app or newsletter, and it also appeals to people who are thinking about going out to look at properties soon, even if they don’t follow up immediately. Just show the best of what’s available and let the curb appeal of recently listed properties do the work.

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