What to Do When Your Spouse is Arrested and Charged

Nobody imagines their spouse falling in the wrong arm of the law as it means a grueling fight back to freedom. Having a case to answer can change everything in a family setup. There is always the possibility of jail or even the need for bonds and other fines. Such costly fines strain the family finances leading to disagreements.

The period also requires time and emotional support. While all these might be draining, you have a moral and legal obligation to help your spouse.

Here are things to do when your partner gets arrested and is getting charged;

  1. Keep all the Documents

The judicial system is long and involves multiple documents. Obtain all the relevant documents involved and ensure you keep them safe. Confirm that the information on the documents is factual and with all the relevant data filled.

Some of the documents to obtain are the charging, indictment and the others. 

  1. Let Them Understand their Rights

Other than obtaining the documents, you need to ensure you inform the accused of their rights. Let them know why not to provide information without an attorney. 

The prosecutors have such a way that they can quickly get crucial details from suspects. Therefore, engaging without a lawyer or when not ready, is the easiest way to slip. 

  1. Find an Attorney

Now that you have all the details and have informed them of their rights, it’s time to secure their freedom. No matter how small or huge you think, a case is, you won’t be of much help when you don’t have an attorney. Having sufficient evidence is also not reason enough to not look for a lawyer. You still have to convince the courts that you obtained the evidence legally.

Working with an experienced lawyer comes with the needed legal safety. The lawyers understand most of the processes, thus the ease of handling the care. The attorney also has the resources to search, obtain, and present evidence.

Choosing a lawyer is not one of the most straightforward tasks. Most so for those who don’t have family lawyers. Look around for recommendations from friends and online. Understand the specialty of the lawyer and their win rate. You also need to understand if they have the resources to handle your case. Work with a top rated Orlando criminal attorney, who has the experience and skill sets in criminal law.  

  1. Ask Questions

Even though handling a charged spouse might be stressful, you need to keep calm to obtain all the necessary information. Talk to the law enforcers to determine the case against the accused. You also have to look into the severity and possible outcomes of the present case.

The more questions you ask, the better you establish the real risk and how best to go about it. 

Bottom Line

You have an active role to play in securing the freedom of your spouse when they get arrested. Ultimately, hire them the best criminal attorney for higher chances of winning the case. 

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