What Makes Someone an Employee of the Month?

Rewarding your employees with the employee of the month award is the best way to appreciate their efforts and can have positive impact on your employee performance. It will give them encouragement to put more efforts towards their work and achieve the desires goal for the betterment of the organization.

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There is nothing better than recognizing an employee for their hard work as well as their value to an organization. When a company or employer does this, it shows employees that they are an integral part of the team. Choose the right reward, tailor it to the person who is entitled to it and make sure they are aware that there hard work and long time have been recognized. Here are some common ways to reward your employees:

Plaque: Praise your employees work and show them their value in an organization by awarding them with a sophisticated plaque with his name and achievement engraved on it.

Crystal Trophy: Appreciate your employees efforts by giving them Crystal trophies, there is a variety of crystal trophies online from which you can choose the best one.

Certificate: Present your employees with the certificate in the honour for their achievement with the name and achievement of him mentioned on it.

Offer a lunch: Offer your employee to have lunch with the CEO of the company.

What qualities an employee should adapt to be titled as the employee of the month?

Do more than the Expectations.

The employee of the month is given to those employees who contribute more than the expectations of their job. Who are punctual in their work, who arrives office on time, who can even work in late night shift in order to complete the assigned work? Simply arriving office everyday is not enough, you should also have to be passionate about your work and also should have the ability to complete such type of tasks that no one else can ever complete.

Meet the particular goal.

An employee should have the ability to solve any difficult situation. In order to achieve the employee of the month title, some companies set a goal for every employee such as if any employee sale more products or if any employee bring more new customers than they will be titled as employee of the month. However, the organization should change its goal every month so that the employee will be more concerned towards achieving their goals and thus helps the organization to earn more profit.

Satisfy your costumer need.

If your employees can satisfy the need of your customers, then they could earn the employee of the month title. The employee who is continuously working considerately toward the betterment of the organization will deserve to be the employee of the month.

Respect towards Co-workers.

Employee engagement award should be dedicated to those employees who are appropriative and polite, who always give value to the opinions and feedback of their peers even if they don’t agree with their thoughts.

Remove Subjectivity.

Some people criticize that employee of the month awards is given on the basis of the choice of the boss.

However, when the employee is nominated by voting, then it is possible for the employees to increase their chances of getting this title by working hard for the organisation thus will also removes the tag of subjectivity.