Understanding An Insurance Claim After A Hurricane

After a hurricane, it’s upon a business or homeowner to pick up the pieces of their damaged process and go through the process of filing confusing hurricane laura insurance claims. If your insurance company is not cooperative or has denied, delayed, and ignored your claim, you should hire a hurricane lawyer to help you out. 

You have to find a knowledgeable lawyer that has experience handling similar claims since they know how to pursue your insurance agency for compensation. If you’ve recently suffered damage from a hurricane, an attorney should be able to inform you of your rights and give you a free initial consultation to advise you on the best way forward.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

If you’ve been affected by a hurricane before, you know that it can be difficult filling out your hurricane insurance claim. Hurricanes can result in heavy rains and strong winds that could result in massive damage to personal property and structures and buildings. 

When you’ve got a clear idea of what’s covered in your policy, you can estimate how much the insurance agency should compensate you for damages. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover any damage to your home as well as that inside your home. Some of them will also offer coverage for:

  • Removal of debris
  • The costs you will have to incur to make repairs to your home
  • You will incur living expenses, such as costs for a rental property or a hotel as your home is repaired.

As a homeowner, you should be aware that there are damages your insurance agency will not cover. These include damages due to acts of God, such as floods, windstorm damage, and damage due to stormwater. If you hire a hurricane lawyer, they will help you go through your policy and enable you to understand what is covered and what’s not covered. They will also do their best to help you understand your rights when it comes to compensation.

Insurance Claims For Condo Owners

If there’s damage to a condo, the compensation process may be a bit complicated since there’s two insurance companies’ involvement. Suppose you have an individual condo owner’s insurance policy. In that case, it will cover the damage of living expenses if the property is uninhabitable and the cost of other items in the condo that are damaged.

On the other hand, your condo association insurance will cover aspects such as structural damage, drywall, and roof damage. Also, some insurance policies cover flood damages.

Business Insurance Claims 

For business owners, damages after a flood may be two-fold; just like homeowners, they suffer damages to their business premises, furniture, computers, and other items. Due to this, they may also experience the loss of customers as well as income. Once a hurricane hits your business, you may likely have to close the shop for months.

Your insurance policy will cover any damage to the structural damage, loss of income, and damage to personal property. Your hurricane lawyer will help you include all the losses you’ve incurred into your insurance claim. They will also be able to countercheck the estimates your insurance company provides for damages to your business.