Tourist Attractions in Koh Samui that show The Other Side of Thailand

If Phuket is too crowded, visit tourist destinations at Koh Samui. For some people, you might still be wondering where Koh Samui is. Koh Samui is popular, at least one million tourists come there every year. Koh Samui is the name of the island located in the southeast of Thailand.

What is interesting about Koh Samui? Natural tourism. Many people say Koh Samui is the right island if you are not interested in Phuket, which is too mainstream. The beach on Koh Samui is as good as in Phuket. Even better because it’s not as busy as in Phuket. So, for those who want a new and different atmosphere in Thailand, you need to put some tourist attractions on Koh Samui in your bucket list. So, what can you find on Koh Samui?

Do you want to hike the mountain but also want to play on the beach? Don’t worry!

Can you do these two things in one place while on vacation in Koh Samui? Of course, you can! The place is called Ang Thong National Park. In this national park, you can spend a full day exploring two realms. Starting from feeling the waves. Then proceed to dive and see the amazing underwater caves. Half a day later you can continue your activities with hiking to the top of the hill. When you finally reach the top, the view of the whole island of Koh Samui in the form of blue sea, white sand, green trees will be presented in front of your eye.

Relax your Muscles by Enjoying Spa Massage

After diving at the ocean, or hike to the top of a hill, the body will certainly feel sore afterward. Don’t wait to return to your own country to relax your muscles. In Koh Samui, you and your family can stay and relax for a moment with a spa in Family Hotel Samui.

A Laughing Buddha on Koh Samui

Surat Thani is a tourist attraction located in the Koh Samui area. For those of you who still want to find a typical Thai temple tour, stop at Wat Plai Laem. In this temple, there is one main attraction. You can see a giant Buddha statue as high as 30 meters. It’s not the size that makes this statue attractive, but, the expression on his face that was laughing and his stomach that looked bloated. Of course, this will be a separate sight compared to other Thai temples.

Maximize your vacation in Koh Samui by visiting Koh Phangan Island

What’s in Koh Phangan? A lot of things. Koh Phangan Island is a small island located not far from Koh Samui. This island is equally famous for underwater tourism and playing on the beach. A variety of exciting activities waiting for you to try. Here, you can try surfing between the waves, riding a speedboat, snorkeling, and feeding the elephants. Also, you can explore the local temples, and interact with residents to see the character of their authentic culture.

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