Tips to Defend Yourself from Drunk Drivers

This Holiday!

The holidays are coming up, which means hot chocolate, eggnog, and lots of holiday cheer. The holidays are the perfect time to drink too much wine and spend quality time with family. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. That being said, it’s also the most dangerous time of the year. 

    The holiday season is party season. And with parties, come drunk drivers. It’s important to stay safe during Santa Season. Here are ways to defend yourself against drunk drivers.

  1. Don’t Get in the Car with a Drunk Driver 

    The first tip is self-explanatory. Don’t get in the car with a drunk driver. Or anyone who has had something to drink. It’s impossible to know another’s person’s tolerance level to alcohol. If they’ve had something to drink, don’t get in the car. 

  1. Be the DD (Designated Driver) 

    If you feel that someone should not be driving, offer to drive for them. If you’re not driving, be the designated driver for those around you. It could save a life. 

  1. Buckle Up 

    If you do drive, or get in another person’s car, buckle up. If an accident is unpreventable, the seatbelt will help stop further injuries. 

  1. Be Wary of Signs of a Drunk Driver    

    There are many ways to know if someone is a drunk driver. Drunk drivers often drive too slowly, turn slowly, brake suddenly, and weave between lanes. Review the signs of a drunk driver before driving during the holidays. 

  1. Call the Cops 

If you suspect a driver is drunk, call the cops immediately. The cops can stop the driver right away and determine if they are inebriated. If possible, share as many details as possible, like the location of the driver and license plate number. 

  1. Keep Your Distance 

If you suspect someone is drunk, stay a stay distance behind them. You can keep your eye on them and stay away if they start to veer off the road. And if they do cause an accident, you can be the first person to call an ambulance. 

  1. Be Extra Careful at Intersections 

    At stop lights and stop signs approach, don’t immediately cross. Make sure to check for those who may speed through intersections without stopping. This is especially important to be aware of late at night. 

  1. Let the Drunk Driver Pass You

    It’s easy to keep your distance from a drunk driver that is in front of you, but it’s trickier for one behind you. If a drunk driver is tailing you, turn as soon as possible to let them pass. Don’t trail to stay with them. Just call the cops, and get out of the way. 

    If a drunk driver is coming from the opposite direction, get over as far as possible. They have a hard time staying in the lane, so don’t trust that they will. If it’s necessary, get onto the bank of the road. 

  1. Flash Your Lights 

    If there are other drivers near you, flash your lights to warn them of a possible drunk driver. Make them alert so they can avoid an accident. The more people you can help, the better. 

  1.  Call Your Insurance Company    

    If you still get in an accident after all these tips, contact your insurance company. If there is proof your accident was a direct result of drunk driving, they are required to pay for most of it. If you have any issues claiming your insurance money, consult a personal injury attorney. 

    These are the best tips for avoiding drunk drivers during the holiday season. Try to stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the holidays. 

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