The Roles of Criminal Defense Lawyer

When we are talking about criminal defense lawyer, it means that you will get super dramatic scene on court because criminal case could be so tricky. If you want to see what it looks like to deal with criminal court and the criminal lawyer, it is like what you see on TV. A criminal defense attorney erie pa works for people who get charged and are guilty. When defending a client who has been clearly guilty, the intention of the advocate is not merely that the client is acquitted of all charges, but the advocate becomes an advisor or assistant to the them/defendant before the court. Accompanying the intention is that the rights of the suspect / defendant are not violated because it is not uncommon for a suspect / defendant to be treated arbitrarily by an irresponsible person. The purpose of an advocate to defend a suspect / defendant is not merely that the client is acquitted of all charges, but the advocate becomes an advisor or assistant to the suspect / defendant before the court and protects the rights of the suspect / defendant not violated.

A lawyer also should make sure that the law in court works as it should becasue a violation is always there and the chance of violation could be stopped by the lawyer to ensure the defendant gets their right. The first role of a criminal defense lawyer is to access the case. They must understand the case so well and make sure that every detail of the case is known by the lawyer because every detail is worth for the court. They usually do the internal investigation to make sure that they will never miss even the smallest details of the case. They will assess and make a plan to find the best in representing the client. Another thing this lawyer does also handling pleas. They will have an early plea bargain before going to court. The reason why the lawyer should be handling pleas too because it’s been common and it will save the money a lot because a trial costs more times and money. It is also good for the state when there is no trial. Why do criminal defense lawyers defend people who are guilty? When an advisor defends a client who is guilty means that the client has committed a crime, the community must understand that the lawyer cannot be identified with his client.  For example, his client is a suspect / defendant of a criminal act of corruption, then the public image that the advocate is also corrupt. Can lawyers refuse to defend the client? Advocates in carrying out their professional duties are prohibited from differentiating the treatment of clients based on gender, religion, politics, ancestry, race, or social and cultural background. But also an advocate has the right to refuse legal assistance to a client on the grounds not in accordance with his expertise and contrary to his conscience, but can not refuse on the grounds because of differences in religion, beliefs, ethnicity, descent, gender, political beliefs and social position.

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