The Relationship between Social Media and Criminal Justice

Technology and social media come with many blessings. And, of course, curses as well. If you’re looking for a Rochester criminal lawyer, one of the things they’re going to tell you about social media is that it can be a goldmine for anyone who is looking for information that may concern criminal legal proceedings. 

Nowadays, everyone boasts of having at least one social media account that they use to connect with family and friends and even present new ideas to the rest of the world. Many prosecutors know that people share a lot of information on social media and use these networks to gather content for criminal cases. Unfortunately, the internet never forgets and, the content shared on social media will be there for anyone who has an interest in it to pick it and use against you in any legal or criminal proceeding.  

Many prosecutors dig out information from social media to find any information that could connect a defendant with criminal activity. 

How Social Media and Criminal Justice Form a Connection

Most people use social media for entertainment, networking, and recreational purpose. But, for professionals in the field of criminal justice, social networks aren’t a source of fun and games. Here are some ways that social media has been helpful to the justice system. 

  • Reporting of Crime 

Many times, citizens have come to the aide of criminal justice practitioners 

by reporting crimes that they’ve evidenced on social media. Just like ordinary citizens, criminals also keep an active life on social media, and sometimes, are tempted to boast of their crimes by posting videos or even tweeting their sins. 

Being a progressive tool, social media is now used by officers of the law to get leads on the whereabouts of criminals.

  • Identification of Criminals

Social media is a progressive tool, and it has shown this through the ability of officers and citizens alike to identify criminals using their social media profiles and handles. A lot of law enforcers are now learning how to use social media to identify and catch criminals. This hasn’t been the only use of social media, though; many cases are solved through the use of social media. 

Missing people are found through tips given on social media, law enforcers have been able to keep track of criminal activity or stop crime from happening through social media. 

  • Stopping Crime Before it Happens

Social media is helping criminal justice systems all over the world keep abreast planned illegal activity. For instance, criminal justice professionals have used social media to attain information and lead concerning operation that’s related to gangs. A lot of these criminals always assume that information about what they’re doing will not get out of their inner circle, but someone still gives a tip to law enforcement. 

Gang members are known to post photos of them brandishing guns and even sometimes, while getting involved in criminal acts. 

Not only does this help the police to get evidence about individuals involved with gangs, but it also helps to get a clear understanding of how these gangs operate.

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