The Factors of Choosing a School for Child which have to Considered!

The most important thing for children is not money or the most valuable assets, but is education and choosing the school as an investment for a successful future. It is not easy to find the best school for children, many factors must be considered. Therefore, as parents do not carelessly choose the children’s education. Expensive schools do not guarantee that they are suitable for your child. Because not only the school matter that must be considered but also from the character and the potential of the child. Because the right choice will have a great impact on children’s growth. St Andrews Green Valley International School is the right choice to be able to build the children’s character, you can visit the website at

From the PlayGroup education, Elementary School, Middle School to High School, surely as a parent you want the best education for your child. Do you want to know what factors to consider for the children’s education? Check this out

1. Their Potentials

The most important thing in choosing education places is you have to understand the character of your child first. What is your child’s potential? Look for schools that fit with their potential so your child can evolve. If your child has talent in sports try to get him into a school that has great sports activities. Or another example, your child might have the potential in language or art. You can analyst the school is suited for your child’s potential or not.

2. School’s  Track Records

Track record is very important, just look for what achievements of the school are. Even academic or non-academic. The achievements of the school will certainly have a good effect on your child so that his psychology is encouraged to do the same or better. And another note is the bad record of the school, such as violence, bullying or harassment that occurs. Try to avoid schools with a bad track record because you don’t want to make your child get the same thing.

3. Environmental Conditions and School Facilities

You can assess the environment and facilities when the open house. You have to look at the school facilities and infrastructure. Not just a laboratory or field owned by the school, but you also have to pay attention to details such as the toilet cleanliness or maybe the atmosphere of the cafeteria and also the class condition. Is that enough to support the learning process that makes your child comfortable?

4. Qualified Teachers

Teachers are like parents who work in school. Maybe you can come to visit and see what the teacher looks like. A good, professional, and fun teacher, able to communicate with children and have competence in their job is the main key. If possible, your child can join the trial class and you can see how the learning atmosphere like.

5. Applied Curriculum

In general, private or public schools in Indonesia have the curriculum set by the government. But some schools have their curriculum. Find out if the curriculum set at school is suitable for your child. Because this is one of the important things you should consider when registering your child to school.

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