Some myths about filing accident claim

Accidents are often traumatizing experience. Personal injury cases, including car crashes, slip and fall mishaps, or even premises liability cases can have life-altering consequences on the victims. Most people rely on their insurance policies to cover property damages and medical expenses. However, insurance companies do not always accept claims for damages or usually payout a small amount. Another course to recover for the injuries and medical expenses is going to the court. However, many fear filing a claim for accidents they didn’t cause. They believe that going to a personal injury lawyer VA Beach and filing a lawsuit will cost them time and money. While it’s true that personal injury lawsuits take time and money, but they guarantee fair settlement. 

In this blog, we discussed some common fear people have about filing a personal injury claim.

#1 Legal system is stressing 

The majority of people have assumed that the legal system is stressing and exhausting. While it’s true that the legal system is involved, it’s there to help people resolve their civil issues. Our legal system lets everyone exercise their fundamental rights and allows them a chance to fair legal representation. Moreover, some professional lawyers are there to guide you with your claim and lawsuit.

#2 You don’t have a valid claim

Accidents can have mental and emotional consequences on the victims. Just because one is involved in a car crash, they believe that they have caused the accident. Lack of evidence further dissuades them from taking any legal action against the other driver.

In reality, it’s essential to conduct a thorough investigation of the case and try to collect as much information about the subject as possible. Anything from police report to medical records, surveillance cameras to passersby can help your strengthen your claim. Here, personal injury law firm Virginia Beach can help you gather enough shreds of evidence and even reconstruct the accident scene to establish who is liable for the accident.

#3 The injuries are minor to be recorded

Just because you can walk properly after the car crash doesn’t mean you are not injured and don’t require a medical examination. However, one must remember that sometimes, internal injures take time to show signs. In other cases, people fear paying expensive medical bills and don’t go for medical checkups after an accident.

In reality, a majority of car wrecks and accidents lead to injuries. A report by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Agency has stated that 30{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} of reported car accident victims get injured. Thus, one must ensure they don’t have any life-altering injuries due to the crash. Moreover, medical records help lawyers to establish it injures and evaluate compensation amount.

#4 How to file a case against a known person

Sometimes, the one causing accidents can be someone you know. People are hesitant about recording a car accident or file for a claim if the at-fault-driver is their close acquaintance. However, most car crashes claims are filed against the driver’s insurance company. Most insurance policies cover injured people and damaged properties; thus, your lawsuit will primarily focus on the insurance company.