Recognize the Unique Design of Today’s Luxury Homes

Generally, luxury homes are identical with magnificent classic-style houses with crystal ornaments and distinctive carvings on every corner. It is true, but actually, the definition of a house is more than just that. A modern house with a building area of up to 300 square meters is included as a luxury home category.

To be a luxurious house is if built to the best specifications, filled with luxury furniture in it, and stands in a strategic location. Based on architectural and interior design, luxury homes continue to change over time. Today’s luxury homes adopt many modern tropical concepts but remain elegant, although not a few are still fond of contemporary classic buildings. Modern tropical houses are modern homes that are designed with an emphasis on the elements so they are suitable and adaptable to the tropical climate.

If there are things that become the identity of a luxury home design, including:

1. Reflective Marble Flooring

In terms of aesthetics, large floor tiles marble does have its charm compared to other materials. The texture and style give the impression of a luxurious and elegant impression in a residence. In addition to the floor, suitable marble material is applied as walls, tables, and chairs. The treatment method for marble is also quite easy.

2. High Fence

Occupying a leading area in a luxury house, a high fence in addition to functioning as a safe house, the fence also serves to improve the exterior aesthetics of the house.

3. Symmetrical Pillars

Not only strengthens the value of beauty, but the pillar function is also to strengthen the overall construction of the building. The application of pillars in a luxury house design gives the impression of a magnificent and functional. Like the classical Greek and Roman architectural styles, the classic style of the dwelling was identical to the two to four columns high in the front view of the house. The most common characteristic of a classic home is the carved details on columns and windows; or often called molding detail.

4. Living Room as the Heart of a Comfortable Home

The living room in a luxury home design usually gets the most design attention because it is dedicated to providing comfort for residents or guests. Large leather sofas, walls, and furniture with unique decorative elements, and magnificent crystal chandeliers are the hallmark of the living room in a classic luxury home. While in a modern tropical luxury home, the living room is often shrouded in furniture with a clean look and earthy tone.

5. Personal Bedroom

The bedroom in a luxury home design usually has a spacious room along with its decorative decorations from various angles. A bedroom in a luxury home also usually has a reading area complete with reading lights, and benches as a complement are generally located in front of the bed.

6. Kitchen is not only as a complement

The kitchen is one room that must exist in a house. In the past, the kitchen functioned only as a place to cook or eat dishes. But today, the function has also shifted to the present day, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house with designs that follow trends and lifestyles. In modern luxury home kitchens, the application of island tables in a kitchen is widely applied.

7. Swimming Pool for the Coolness of the House

Having a private pool at home would be a very pleasant thing. Especially in the design of luxury homes, the presence of a swimming pool would be a compliment in a residential. The area around the large pond can also be used as a gathering place for relatives or relatives. A variety of exciting activities can also be done in this area, such as barbecues, small dinner parties, and various water games.

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