Reasons Why People Fail To File Personal Injury Claims 

 The law is very clear when it comes to personal injuries which have been caused because of negligence, and that is that any injured parties are entitled to compensation. The reason for this is to cover any costs which the injured person has encountered, as well as making up for any pain and suffering which they may have experienced. With this being said however, according to a personal injury lawyer who we are in contact with, many people fail to file a claim after they have been injured in this kind of event. 

There are a number of reasons why we believe this to be the case, and here are the most common reasons why people don’t file a claim. 

Minor Injuries

In many cases people suffer injuries which are considered to be minor, and as such they think that processing a claim is not worth while. What we can say to these people however is that no matter how minor the injury, you could have a case. Compensation is not just about awarding the big bucks to those who have faced life changing injuries, it is also a tool which is used in the case of minor injuries. Ultimately if the injury has cost you money, you should look to make a claim. 

Dirty Word

We have witnessed a very small percentage of personal injury lawyers who have sought to use this aspect of the law to shakedown large companies. In fact in many cases their ads look as though they are trying to convince people to remember accidents which they have had in their lives. The result of this has been that the word compensation is now loaded in many people’s minds, and they fail to see it for what it really is. This dissuades people from making claims when they do have one, and it is a culture which really must be changed.


Most often in the case of accidents at work, many people won’t process a claim because of fears that they have of repercussions in the workplace. This of course is completely illegal, but that doesn’t mean that these things don’t happen. Many people fear that if they process a claim against their employer that they will end up losing their job or their benefits in the workplace. If you have been injured at work and you are worried about any repercussions, you should make sure that you speak with a legal team to get some advice about how you can proceed. No employer should punish staff for making claims after they have been injured in the workplace. Despite any concerns which you may have, it is important that you do make a claim if you have been injured. 

These are the most common reasons why people don’t make claims. Despite any fears which people have, they should always speak with a legal team, if only to get some advice on where they stand. 

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