Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner. The best cleaner app you can possess ever in your Android. Provides answers to many questions. Including: slow device, memory full device, a device heating easily, battery dead more frequently and many more. There is no even a small doubt about the performance of this app. The app indeed aids you to free from most of the common difficulties facing as above. 😀

What does Nox Cleaner do?

Simply we can say Nox Cleaner is an all-rounder which helps you in different aspects. If you need to sustain your Android in a nice working mode always, then you must have this amazing app in your Android. The app is Free and you can download it easily from your Google Play Store. Is it Free? 🤔 Yes. Indeed, the app is Free like Clean Master app.

Why we need Nox Cleaner?

To clean the device

As you already know the app helps you a lot in cleaning your device. The cleaning process is very perfect. No any mistakes blend with the process. Clean each and every unwanted item from the device.

This cleans up all the cache files and the cookies generated by various websites for providing a better service. But these files are of temporary use. Once we use them, we can discard the files without making any threat to the performance of the Android.

This also deletes Clipboard contents, downloaded files and also residual files which tends to remains without no use and so on.

Plus, the app aids in removing cache files from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp like Social Media apps.

In here no need to worry about losing useful files. Because the app removes only the junk files. Only the files that hinders the functionality of the Android. If you like to install this app on Android TV, use Filelinked app. Filelinked has many Android TV apps and games for free.

To protect your device

The app is surely helping you to protect your mobile from viruses. The Antivirus option there helps you to free from all the malicious files that may threaten your privacy. There by it helps to protect your Android mobile easily and effectively.

To boost the device

A device which is performing well makes it very comfortable. The app Nox Cleaner helps you in this aspect too. It boosts the device speed by cleaning the RAM. A phone with cleaned memory is acting faster making it very comfortable to use.

To block troubling notifications

The app is very wise in detecting the annoying notifications from different apps in our app store. These troubling notifications will be blocked by the app. They are sending to another location by providing space for quick removal of those notifications. By turning on the notification blocker you can relish this benefit.

To cool the CPU and to save the battery

The app acts cooler in cooling down the CPU. As the high temperature of the CPU affects adversely on the device performance, the app detects the temperature and cools it for you if the temperature is higher than the optimum temperature. As well as it takes necessary actions to save the battery life also.

The above are only few benefits you can relish if you have NOX Cleaner in your Android. Hurry and have it. Enjoy more benefits for free. Make sure to check out latest apps on