Minor reasons with severe consequences

Sometimes it happens that family life cracks and begins to sink. For example, the wife found out that her husband bought Kamagra online. But instead of rescuing it, the spouses arrange litigation with the division of the marital property and go every which way after the divorce. Sometimes their divorce causes a smile and a desire to twist a finger at the temple with the appropriate comment. The judicial practice is rich in incidents that even cause laughter.

Why do divorces happen?

There are ridiculous reasons for the divorce of spouses that one can only wonder how the court considered them serious? And as examples – several divorce proceedings, which were widely covered in the media.

Not every T-shirt is worth washing

Not so long ago, in the UK, football fan Dewhart Neil accused his wife of deliberate vandalism. He collects autographs of his favorite team players, who used to first sign on his T-shirt. Over time, because the autographer constantly sweated in hot weather, sitting in the stands, the autographs on the shirt gradually blurted, since they were made with felt pens. The wife decided to wash the T-shirt. It turned out that the signatures finally washed out. The court found the reason for the divorce to be entirely fair and very serious. You must admit that it is more serious than purchasing Kamagra online.

In Romania, a 67-year-old man filed for divorce, stating in a statement his dislike of his wife’s cat as the reason. During the trial, it turned out that the woman had a cat even before marriage. In turn, before marriage, the man had two small budgerigars. Once, they flew out of a cage that the owner forgot to close. And the cat, taking advantage of the moment, caught the birds and ate them. The court recognized that the spouses’ reconciliation in such a situation is impossible and divorced them.

In Germany, the husband was jealous of his wife for her dog. The wife got the pet quite a long time ago, and the dog managed to become a celebrity, winning medals at prestigious exhibitions. But at the same time, the woman devoted all her time only to it. Then the husband started feeding the dog exceedingly. As a result, the wife’s favorite blimped out that it was no longer allowed to participate in exhibitions. The wife thought the dog was just sick and consulted a local vet. The answer stunned her: obesity because of excess food. Guessing whose handiwork it was, the woman filed for divorce.

Third wheel

In Italy, a few days after the wedding, the newlyweds decided to go to Paris. After her return, the spouse filed for divorce, failing to pass the test of being together with her mother-in-law. It turned out that the husband loved his mother so much that he invited her to Paris and paid attention only to her during the trip. The court decided that reconciliation is also impossible here and divorced the spouses.

To summarize

Of course, other examples can be cited. But the point is not in their number, but in the fact that in life, it is challenging to calculate everything in advance and slice and dice precisely as you want. Sometimes it pulls a trick that even lawyers in such a matter as marriage prefer to unconditionally put an end to avoid getting involved in protracted disputes between the warring parties.

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