Making the Roads Safe For Everyone: Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

Everyone prefers different modes of transportation, but we are all pedestrians at one point or another. As such, we are familiar with basic rules like obeying traffic signals and staying inside the crosswalk. However, the advent of technology and busy lifestyles have introduced new distractions, which lead to accidents and mishaps. 

What drivers and pedestrians need is a new level of alertness that can save each other from accidents. 

Safety Practices for Pedestrians

Be Visible

Being visible to drivers is one of the most effective ways of avoiding an injury while walking. This avoids the possibility of drivers accidentally striking you due to poor visibility. Ensure that you make eye contact with drivers at all times. This is especially important during low-light conditions such as traveling during night, dawn, dusk, or inclement weather. 

  • Always wear reflective or light-colored clothing at night and bright clothes during the day
  • Try making eye contact with drivers in parked vehicles to confirm they have seen you while crossing their car 
  • Cross the street in well-lit areas and remain visible to motorists

Walk in Safe Places

  • Always use crosswalks for crossing the street. If the crosswalk is absent, choose a well-lit spot on the road and wait for a long traffic gap before crossing. 
  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If the sidewalk is unavailable, walk facing the traffic, on the far side of the road. 
  • Highways and other roadways prohibit pedestrians, so avoid using them for walking.

Avoid Distractions

While walking next to the roadway, always refrain from behavior that distracts your attention. By neglecting to follow traffic rules, a distracted pedestrian often becomes the victim of road accidents. 

Here is a list of common pedestrian distractions:

  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Using headphones for listening to music
  • Engaging in inappropriate behavior
  • Reading while walking

Yet, if you are injured as a pedestrian, consider working with a reputed personal injury attorney to gain a quick settlement on your case.

Safety Practices for Drivers

Road safety is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians are at a safety disadvantage, and it is up to the drivers to be vigilant and practice safe driving habits for keeping the roads and walkways safe. 

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving can be fatal for both pedestrians and drivers. You will probably miss a pedestrian crossing the road while trying to tune the radio, talk on your phone, or with someone in the backseat. You can avoid an injury by simply pulling over to handle the distraction or waiting until you reach your destination. 

Look Out for Children

Children are oblivious to road rules, including pedestrian signals, signs and crosswalks. Hence, you may come across children running into the street without looking. Be cautious, especially on residential streets, near playgrounds, parks and school zones. 

Avoid Passing Stopped School Buses

It is mandatory to avoid passing stopped school buses at all times. The bus’s large size makes it difficult to spot the children running out onto the street. 

Look Before You Turn

Pedestrians don’t always walk right in front of you while you’re driving straight. Chances are, they are in the crosswalk as you turn. So, always look ahead to check if a pedestrian is crossing and give them way. 

Taking extra care by looking out for walkers goes a long way in avoiding motor-pedestrian collisions. Car accidents with pedestrians are not pleasant and may involve legal complications. 

Motorists and pedestrians both have an equal role in guaranteeing the safety of our roads. By exercising caution and extending some common courtesies, it is possible to prevent future tragedies from happening. These tips should help you share the road mindfully and get you to your destination safely. 

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