Magnetic postcards: all you need to know

postcard provides much of the requisite information included in daily direct mail, but when magnets are included, they become a game-changer. A magnet mailer postcard is a standard postcard with a narrow magnetic strip attached to one edge. Magnet mailers mail just like other postcards, only that they can be fixed to metal surfaces. Pizza delivery restaurants, service businesses such as plumbers, roofers, landscapers, heating and air providers, cleaning services, pool companies, and restoration companies are only a few examples of businesses that may benefit from postcard magnets for direct mail marketing and advertisements.

Another perfect application of magnetic postcard marketing is real estate agents who want to establish a presence in a community. You may include a calendar or a list of local emergency phone numbers with your picture and contact information on it. There are plenty of good ideas if you get imaginative. The more useful it is, the higher chance it has of being placed in a visible area.

Benefits of magnetic postcards:

  • High Readership possibilities
  • Enable fast market research
  • Easy to print in large quantities
  • Very cost-effective to print and mail
  • Versatile

Standard size and cost

Magnet postcards can be made in any standard postcard size, such as 5.5×8.5, 4.25×5.5, and 6×11. 6×8, 4×9, or 3.5×5 and are purchased based on personal preference. Some marketers prefer mailing large envelopes if they feel that size will attract the eyes, but some go small, capitalizing on design and color.

Like standard postcards, the price of a magnetic postcard is determined by a number of variables. The type of list, the number of items on the list, and the size of the list are all important cost determines. However, don’t look at the cost if you believe in the power of this marketing strategy. If you can’t do it at all, hire marketing experts to assist.