Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Unemployment is very common now. Moreover, competing to get a job is getting harder since the rival comes from around the globe. Now, the cooperation between ASEAN countries has increasingly expanded the competition. Nowadays, in this digital era, many recruitment has been carried out online by large companies.

Online recruitment through companies or job search sites exists. However, it would be difficult to browse each company website and look for a job that suits your skill.

Through the Criterion Recruitment Agency Bangkok, this company facilitates prospective workers to hunt for various types of jobs according to their field of expertise. Not only that, they also able to trace which industries they want to be in based on their expertise.

Several types of jobs that are currently famous nowadays include:

1. IT

Those who are experts in the field of IT and data processing are now taking more part in shaping the global economy. This happened because nowadays every company needs someone who is an expert in data processing. Data processing is very important for supporting the growth of the company.

2. Finance & Accounting

One of the most important things in a company is the financial matters. The financial management should be managed by experts who have a great responsibility and understand their role in the company.

3. Sales & Marketing

In the field of trade, a company needs a very good marketer. The trade channel is getting wider and easier by the time, buying and selling is now as easy as looking at the gadget screen. Workers in this field are demanded to be more creative in facing the growth of the sales world.

4. Logistics

Covering the supply chain of industrial needs, transferring goods from one hand to another is something very crucial in every kind of business. This happened because of the advance in technology that makes us easy to do any transaction through our gadget. In this era, logistics needs are getting high in demand after the existence of this technology.

5. Industrial and engineering fields

In this world, the growth of anything is necessary. Those who are working in the industrial and engineering field can spread their wings up to the international company as long as they have good skills and abilities.