Immigrating to the US for work.

Have you ever wanted to work in the united states? It’s like a dream come true. You live the American dream. Get to achieve your goals. A work visa is a requirement to be employed in the United States. You will need a work visa to get employed in the US. If you are looking for a work visa, ensure your application information, is comprehensive and accurate. When you want to immigrate to the US for work, hire an immigration attorney. 

An immigration attorney will help with the following:

  • Find a visa category that best fits you.
  • Collecting and submitting relevant documents in time.
  • Strengthening your visa application.

Types of immigrant visas.

Every year, a maximum number of employment visas, are distributed. The category of a work visa is dependent on priority.

  • E1 Visa.

People with distinctive abilities in specific fields like science, athletics, arts, education, or CEOs and managers of multinational businesses.

  1. E2 Visa.

It is for people with exceptional abilities. It includes people with significant expertise or those with advanced degrees.

  1. E3 Visa.

In the order of priority, it is for skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers.

  1. E4 Visa.

It is for special immigrants who fall under almost all categories. 

  1. E5 Visa.

It covers immigrant investors. People who want to create job opportunities in the US by making significant financial investments.

Visa application process

The employer who will sponsor the immigrant worker starts the visa application process. E1 and E5 can apply on their own. 

Visa application.

The applicant will go online. Fill out a non-immigrant work visa application form. The information provided is accurate and truthful. The answers are presented in English. Print the confirmation page after completing and submitting the application. 

Interview scheduling.

Schedule an interview at the US embassy in your country of residence. To schedule an interview, an applicant is required to have an approved petition receipt number.

Interview preparations.

Before the interview, an applicant pays a mandatory non-refundable visa application fee. Remember to carry all the necessary documents. Go to the embassy or check their website to know which documents you will require. These documents include:

  • Passport photos.
  • Valid passport.
  • Approved petition receipt number.
  • Payment receipt for the application fee.
  • Confirmation page of the non-immigrant visa application form.

Attend the interview. 

You will meet a consulate officer who will ask you multiple questions after reviewing your application. Be thorough and honest when answering these questions. If the consulate officer feels you are dishonest, you will not get a visa. 

As an applicant, you should be able to prove that you have compelling ties to your hometown. They want to believe that when the temporary work visa expires, you will have something that makes you return home. It may include:

  • Long-term goals.
  • Owning a home.
  • Economic situation. 
  • Family relationships.


With a work visa, an immigrant worker can live and work in the US for a specific period. Different types of employment visas are categorized according to the level of priority. An immigration attorney will help to increase your chances of getting a work visa. Immigrating to the US for work is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

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