I Actually Played Some Golf Today

I have been trying my best to stay sane, although I really miss Ellie who is on the other side of the country and can not get home now. At any rate I talked to the boss this morning. I am pretty sure that he had a terrible hangover and may have been slightly drunk at the time. That really would not be that much of a surprise. It was difficult to understand him, but he wanted me to figure out how to buy Reddit upvotes. I had no clue why and I did not see the point in trying to figure it out, he asked me if I wanted to go and play golf. Apparently he knew of some place where they would let him go out on the course even though it was supposed to be closed. I would have said no, but of course I like my job and I am one of three people up for a promotion that I would really like to get.

At any rate this turns out to be a loophole. The golf course is not open, but the boss is a member and the club was going to let him and other members out on the course. They did not take his money and that is the key. He is not paying them to play golf, aside from the membership dues and in turn they are allowing him to walk around the course, obviously with his golf clubs. It seems like I would have had less trouble letting him win, since I am terrible at golf. However for once in my life I was able to drive the ball straight. It astonished me and infuriated him. Of course he was really ragged. If he was not drunk when he woke up, then he got there by the time we hit the sixth hole.