How to Increase Sales Turnover

Want to know how to increase your sales turnover this year? One of the important parameters in business is how much turnover is obtained. The business owner must know accurately how much turnover he gets on a regular basis.

Furthermore, business people must also understand how to increase sales turnover. The success of a business can be seen based on high sales. The higher the sales, the more profit you will get.

Business owners must optimize the potential of their assets, so that the business they run gets maximum results. If you want your sales to increase you can use software from lcs2.

Strengthen Your Brand

According to a survey conducted by Neilsen, it is found that 60{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} of consumers with an internet connection prefer to buy new products from brands they are already familiar with.

The facts above make branding a must for you to do.

Without a strong brand, competition will generally lead to one point, namely price competition. If this has happened, of course you cannot expect much for an increase in turnover.

But if you build a brand well, then you can easily get out of that price competition. Prices can also be set higher.

For example, if you are in the hijab business, if you sell without a brand, then of course you will immediately compete in price. But if you use a brand, then competition can be transferred to product quality or service quality.

Implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One way to increase traffic is by implementing SEO. Traffic is a term used for web visits.

OBJECTIVE: increase the number of products sold.

If you currently have 10,000 web visits / month and are able to generate sales of 100 products. So simply put, if we are able to increase traffic to 20,000 visits per month then of course your sales will also double.

With this method, your business will appear in the first place on Google search results pages.

It is important to know that 98{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} of searchers will choose a business that is on the first page of a search engine.

And that means that SEO has a huge potential for increasing your business turnover.

Implement SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Similar to SEO, SEM is also a way to increase traffic. SEM or search engine marketing refers to search engine optimization like Google, but by placing advertisements.

OBJECTIVE: increase the number of products sold.

Implementing SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing, abbreviated as SMM. QMS has a huge impact on sales. But marketing through social media cannot be done carelessly.

OBJECTIVE: increase the number of products sold.

Facebook Ads is one of the SMM methods to generate reliable leads.

Many internet marketing experts suggest maximizing the use of Facebook ads to increase sales turnover of our products.

Digital Marketing

There are many methods that can be applied in addition to the three previously mentioned. All of these techniques are called digital marketing techniques.

Marketing techniques that use digital technology. Since we can’t discuss We also have specific articles that address the topic.

Bundling packages are a marketing strategy that sells two or more products in one package at a lower price.

OBJECTIVE: increase the number of products sold.

This bundling strategy is implemented to provide ease of purchase, save time, reduce promotional costs, and provide greater added value to consumers.

Special Offers To Existing Customers

Usually the cost of bringing in a new customer is much greater than caring for an old customer. Therefore, this strategy is very efficient for you to do.

Old customers who are SATISFIED with your product or service are people who already know your business. They trust you.

Because of this, it is much easier for you to convince them with your offer.

OBJECTIVE: increase the number of products sold.

Let’s say you now have 100 subscribers. Then, you hold a 20{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} discount promo for a limited time. and provide them with offers exclusively.

you are only interested in 30{d8a7e2a21a6dcd80c5fca3d913d0e3f45d7ecfe0671fdddb29523c1b67a1e351} of the 100 people. That means you’ve got 30 sales without spending any promotional costs.

NOTE: To perform this technique you must first have a customer database. In addition, these customers must be satisfied with your service.

If they are not satisfied, then they will not accept new offers from you.

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