How can Las Vegas DUI Lawyers Help in DUI Cases

A DUI is a serious crime. It can lead you to jail, even mess your future chances of getting employed or lead to the loss of life. Each day, nearly 30 people die due to drunk-driving in the US; that’s a person every 50 minutes.

Despite being notorious for parties and casinos, Las Vegas isn’t the number 1 state in DUI cases. It’s number 11, according to a recent report.  This shouldn’t mean such instances don’t exist. Indeed, a Las Vegas DUI lawyer is your best resort if you are facing any charges.

DUI Laws Have Become Tougher

Considering the severe consequences concerning accidents involving DUI cases, most states have tightened their DUI rules and regulations. You will need a qualified DUI attorney to represent you now more than ever. With the new changes, it means that:

  • All states have lowered the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level from 0.10 to 0.08.
  • The legal drinking age across all states is now 21.
  • The Administrative License Revocation law enables the authorities to claim your license if you fail or turn down the alcohol breath test.
  • Drivers under 21 are prohibited from having any measurable alcohol levels in their blood.
  • Repeated DUI offenders now face more severe penalties than before.
  • DUI related fines have gotten bigger.
  • The waiting period for having a revoked license re-installed has been prolonged further.
  • Several states have passed the ignition interlock law for all convicted DUI offenders.

Do You Need A Lawyer?

Please note that it’s prudent to always seek legal counsel despite how things may look like initially. Your attorney will do their best to deliver the best defense case possible, thereby increasing the chances of having the charges dropped. Should that fail, they will attempt to plead for a lesser charge and save your license from being revoked.

While hiring a DUI attorney, try and recall your BAC level at the time of your arrest. It’s vital to your case. If you recorded 0.08 or above this, there is a high chance you may be convicted. In turn, you may have to pay fines, along with any extra fees included in the DUI charge.

Can Your License Be Revoked?

Any DUI charge will currently result in a lengthy driver license suspension, even with a 1st-time misdemeanor DUI offense. In most states, if you refuse to partake in a breath test, the police have the authority to confiscate it immediately.

If you feel you are innocent, such as you failed the sobriety test yet you haven’t had any drink, get in touch with an attorney. Don’t attempt to try and represent yourself in court; you will fail miserably. It’s best to leave it to the experts.

What Can The Lawyer Do?

A Las Vegas DUI lawyer will ensure that you are ready and prepared to go to court. They will help guide you through what is currently happening and what to expect during the proceedings. Similarly, your attorney will help you fill up any necessary paperwork before heading to court.

For instance, they can help you fill all the necessary auto insurance forms with the department of motor vehicles. Additionally, they can assist you with the completion of any treatment programs required by law before having your license reinstated.

Not only is your attorney your best chance in court, but they may also guide you through this entire process after court. With their help, you can expedite the entire process so that you can go back to your everyday life – a better, free man.

Finally, if there are lapses during the under the influence arrest, your Las Vegas DUI lawyer may be able to spot these irregularities. They may help you challenge any Breathalyzer and blood alcohol level tests done to you.

Without their assistance, chances are you won’t be able to defend yourself appropriately and might end losing your license or worse – going to jail.