Honda VFR1200F, First With a Dual Clutch Transmission

Providing high stability and comfort for the driver can be Honda’s main goal when making the concept of a dual-clutch transmission. And this Honda VFR 1200 F is the first motorcycle to have the honor to carry this transmission system. If you are interested in buying a Honda VFR 1200 F, you can buy it at the Wheels Dealer. Wheels are the largest Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK. The Honda VFR 1200 F can also be relied upon as a sports motorbike and can also be used for touring comfortably.

Honda VFR 1200 F itself was released in two versions of the transmission, manual transmission, and dual-clutch. Physically there is almost no difference in these two variants except of course there is no transmission lever in the dual-clutch transmission version.

The advantage of the dual-clutch transmission itself is the ease of operation. The driver no longer has to arrange coordination between the left foot, right hand and left hand as in the concept of a manual transmission. With this dual-clutch transmission, the rider’s feet no longer have to move the transmission. Another advantage besides convenience is that the transmission gear shift process runs smoother and faster. Because the transition is faster then, the motor body does not move at all during this transition so that the stability and comfort of the driver are more awake.

Honda V4 engine was installed as a power generator and reportedly a liquid-cooled engine with a 1237cc combustion chamber capacity also adopted technology from the generation of V5 engines that dropped in Moto GP. This reliable engine is capable of spewing out the power of 167 horsepower at 10,000 rpm with a torque of 129 Nm at 8,750rpm engine speed. With that much power, the Honda VFR 1200 F is capable of reaching speeds of up to 240km per hour more.

Although the total weight of this motorbike is not exactly light, the weight of 267kg seems not felt when past the bend. That is more or less the impression of a rider when testing this new Honda motorbike. This site also commented on the overall quality problem of this motorbike which they thought was very good. Finishing also feels modern thanks to the glossy impression that it carries.


Class: Sport-touring
Engine 1237cc, liquid-cooled, four stroke UNICAM 76° V-4
Power 167 hp @ 10,000 rpm
Torque 95 lb·ft @ 8,750 rpm
Transmission Six-speed/ Six-speed automatic with two modes and manual mode
Final Drive Shaft
Length 2.250 mm
Width 755 mm
Height 1.220 mm
Seat height 815 mm
Wheelbase 1.545mm
Rake 25,5°
Weight 267 kg
Fuel capacity 18.5 liter
Fuel consumption 15.5 km/liter

People inclined to call this motorbike as a sports motorbike although the editor also did not dodge if the Honda VFR 1200 F is still practically comfortable for touring. Problem ‘dual function’, many people said that the Honda VFR 1200 F is too big to be called a sports motorbike and too sporty to say a touring motorbike. But clearly to get all that you have to be willing to spend money in not small amounts because it is said that Honda set an initial price of around £ 7,495 for this Honda VFR 1200 F.

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