Good Friends, Great Skiing, Amazing Accommodations, and PKV Games

This past weekend some friends and I went snow skiing. We were having a blast. The weather was perfect and the slopes were amazing but PKV Games was the best. The lodge was something out of a fairy tale. One of my friends took a tumble down the mountain and hurt his leg. Thankfully, nothing was broken and he will be fine in a week or two. We all decided to take the rest of the trip easy and hang out in the lodge together. While we were in the bar at the lodge brainstorming things we could do, the water asked if we had ever played PKV Games. We had not heard of it before so we asked him to tell us more about it. He started explaining that it was an online poker game. This grabbed our attention because we love going to the casinos. Of course the waiter was really busy so he left. A few moments later he stopped by telling us he had won $500 the night before then he had to leave to take another customers order. We were chatting about his suggestion and thought wouldn’t it be great if we could make some money to offset the cost of this trip? As we thought more about this we became more excited and couldn’t wait for him to stop back to check on us to answer more questions. At one point we were practicing our online poker faces and using Google to learn more about what they offered. We realized we could play it right there in the lounge. We all signed up and sat around the table playing games together. We had so much fun laughing and we all won some money which was great. The games were so easy to play and they even had tutorials. The minimum bets fit all of our needs. I would highly recommend this to anyone who might be interested. It was a memorable trip that I know we will do again and next time we will probably plan on playing PKV Games on any trip or hanging out at home.