DUI is a serious traffic offense in East Maitland. It is the main reason people are arrested while driving. One is being arrested for DUI when under the influence of alcohol or intoxication. To combat the side effects, you should retain an East Maitland Lawyer to resolve your case accordingly.


How would you know when you need criminal legal counsel?

Many people wait too long before hiring a criminal lawyer for a variety of reasons. The most common belief of the accused is to think that if they are not arrested, they do not need a lawyer. This is wrong thinking and can ultimately lead to what you were trying to avoid in the first place is getting arrested.


Every time the police question you, it is very likely that they already know the answers to the questions they are asking you and are using your interview to confirm information to build a case against you. The moment a police officer decides that the interview is going to result in an arrest, you are supposed to be observed, but this is a subjective area and can be difficult to prove when an individual police officer decided to arrest you based on the information that you provided.


That is why you should always adhere to rule number one and cooperate fully with the police, but with the help of your criminal lawyer by your side during any conversation or questioning. If you follow this simple rule, you cannot be charged with obstructing the police investigation because you are cooperating, but at the same time, your attorney will work to protect your Fifth Amendment rights against incriminating a crime.


A criminal attorney can work to reduce the charges if they are filed against you and can work to get you off bail as soon as possible. Your attorney can likewise attempt to fabricate a case to guarantee that your safeguard is solid, either by making questions about your blame, showing special conditions that prompted the criminal demonstration, or demonstrating that you are guiltless of the charges.


When you begin your search for a criminal lawyer, you should try, under ideal circumstances, to at least speak with more than one lawyer for a consultation interview. During this interview, you will want to make sure you have an attorney who specializes in criminal law and has court experience if you really plan to take your case to court. Surprisingly, most cases are alleged, which means that very few go the distance and to court. As a result, very few attorneys have that courtroom experience that you would expect the course to have.



You should ask any potential attorney what they specifically plan to do to defend you. If your lawyer is lazy or tells you not to worry about the details, then you need to be concerned. A good attorney can think about presenting your article, has handled cases similar to yours, and has a game plan in place the moment you walk in the door. That’s whom you want to hire.

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