Download the Latest Full Preset Lightroom Mod Apk Pro

Capturing every moment in the form of photos or images has become commonplace and even mandatory in the millennial era like today. A photo can be displayed more attractive if the image quality is clearer, brighter and clearer. But what if you only have a low-quality camera? 


In this sophisticated era, everything can be made easier and faster. This is no exception when you want to have photos or images with high quality even if the means used are not supported. One of the most appropriate ways is to use an image editing application called Lightroom Mod Apk. How sophisticated is this application? Let’s see the full review! 

What is the Lightroom Mod App? 

The Lightroom Mod application is an image editing application that is presented to the public to produce good image quality like a professional editor. This application is more functional for filters and better lighting. 


You can download Lightroom mod Apk via computer devices, smartphones based on Android and iOS. This convenience is intended so that you can learn to hone your creativity without being limited by space and time. You can use this application without paying, but for the premium version, you can subscribe every month. 

Lightroom Mod Apk Advanced Features 

Lightroom mod Apk is not just a fake photo editing application without maximum results. This application is equipped with many main features that can make low-resolution images that are not visually good enough to be converted into more memorable images. Here are some of the features along with their advantages that you can use during the editing process, including: 

  • No Root 

In general, the mod version of the application will direct its users to root the cellphone system. This is excluded in the Lightroom mod application because third-party developers have rooted the application system. 


This will certainly make it easier for you when downloading and installing applications, so it doesn’t take a long time. After installing, you can use this application at will via a PC or smartphone. 

  • Unlimited Layer 

When you try to edit photos on a PC or smartphone through the default application, you can’t add too many layers. The right solution to overcome this is to use the lightroom mod application. This application can fulfill your desire to add layers at will even though it uses the standard version. 

  • Export Picture Full HD 

After you do the editing, of course, you will save it in a document on your cellphone or PC. In the lightroom mod application, you can save or export high quality full HD photos without any broken images. Very cool, right? 

  • No Ads 

In general, if you have an app without paying for it, it will be full of advertisements, which can be quite annoying to you when using it. However, the premium version of the lightroom mod ask will be freed from various ads, so you can do photo editing to its full potential. 

  • Update Preset 

Presets or better known as filters are the features that most users like because they can improve photos to make them smoother. The lightroom mod application certainly provides this feature to pamper its users. You can enjoy this feature in standard and premium versions. 


The preset update options have been updated to various variations so that you can choose and customize as desired. However, you must be a premium subscriber to access the full preset update feature for free. 

  • Custom Preset 

In this lightroom mod application, you can freely create your own presets without any restrictions. This certainly makes it easier for you to edit images and hone your creativity to produce images or photos that are more visually attractive. Are you one of those who like to use the custom preset feature? 

  • History Editing 

You have to be happy when using the Lightroom APK application because it provides a history editing feature. This feature allows you to re-edit even the JPEG and JPG format image files. 

  • Update Cleaning 

The latest lightroom mod application is equipped with a removable spot feature and an adjust brush for cleaning blemishes or image spots. These two features make a very good combination because they work in more detail. This good performance will result in a neat, natural and maximum image editing. 

  • Add Watermark 

In some photo editing applications, there is usually an application watermark automatically. However, the Lightroom mod application is not equipped with a built-in watermark. Instead, you can add a watermark in your own name. 


This watermark function is a marker or copyright of an image, so that if someone uploads your image without permission, the copyright will be charged. Unfortunately, you can add a watermark if you upgrade the Lightroom application to the premium version. 

  • Color filters are more diverse 

The latest version of the Lightroom mod 2020 application is equipped with a more diverse color filter. The developer continues to develop this application according to the increasingly high image editing needs of the community. 


More various color filters will allow you to edit photos more beautiful, and cool. You can determine the filter presentation according to the concept to be selected, for example, a bright yellow theme for the feed on Instagram. 

  • Edit Full HD 

The latest version of Lightroom mod is equipped with full HD editing features. This feature will make it easier for you to do full HD quality image editing. Various image file extensions are also supported by this application on the standard and premium versions. 

How to Install Lightroom Mod Apk 


Installing the Lightroom mod application you can do in 2 ways, namely PC and smartphone. the full review is as follows: 

  1. PC 
  • Open a browser on your PC (chrome, Mozilla, etc.) 
  • Type ‘download lightroom mod ask’ and several reference links appear such as: 
  • Click the download link and wait a few moments for the download process to complete 
  • While waiting for the download, go to settings – security and check the option ‘install from unknown sources’ 
  • After the download is complete, find the file in the download menu, do the installation. 
  • Click the Yes and Next options to go to the next stage. 
  • Wait a few moments until the application is ready to use. 
  1. Smartphone 
  • Open the Play Store and Appstore applications on a smartphone device 
  • Type ‘lightroom mod ask’, click install 
  • Wait a few moments until the download is complete 
  • After the ‘open’ sign appears, click 
  • You can use this application 

How to use Lightroom Mod Apk 


Using the Lightroom application is very easy and hassle-free. After you download the file either via a computer or smartphone, you can immediately use it. Here are the steps that must be taken: 

  1. Open the lightroom mod application 
  1. There are several dialogs displayed at the beginning, you can skip this step 
  1. Avoid login accounts, click the cross in the upper left corner. 
  1. The application homepage will appear automatically with a series of icons display 
  1. You can start by clicking the image icon at the bottom right 
  1. Select a photo from the gallery to be edited, wait until the import process is complete 
  1. After the photo is on the homepage, you can immediately do photo editing. 

Polishing an image or photo to be better and of a quality can be done easily like a professional editor. You can do it yourself by maximizing all the features of the lightroom mod apk . This application can be downloaded easily via as well as the Playstore, or Appstore.