Don’t worry, it’s a good way to explain death to your children

Discussing death with children will always be scary and worry thing for parents. Most parents will think that explaining death in children will make them afraid and cry. However, did you know that the more they do not understand, then even a lot of unwanted things can happen?

You need to learn and understand how to explain well to the children about death, how to process a good funeral, how to choose the right funeral director, and so on. It’s not bad if you use funeral services. Sydney Academy Funeral is the best-trusted funeral director Sydney and can help you deliver your loved ones.

Therefore, you need to understand the following points.

1. Give an easy illustrate that is similar to their life

You can try to illustrate something that similar to her such as explain why plants can die. You can explain that every plant does not have a long life so it cannot be given water or sunlight. Explain to the child that the plant is dead and can not live again as it used to be. Indeed, it initially will be difficult to understand, but if you often discuss it then it will take the fear and confusion it has to be reduced.

2. Be truthful following the facts

Avoid the habit of saying “He’s now in a better place” about people who have died to your children. It will make him more afraid and confused as a child who is still underage. You should say to your child while they’re playing or feeling comfortable. Don’t be afraid to say that the people who passed away is not moving, can not go back, even the children will never see them again. The children would have been confused and could have blamed themselves, but as their parents, it is good to explain that death is not a fault of anyone and can not come back alive again.

3. Keep doing the daily activities as usual

Losing someone can be a prolonged sadness, but you should still be able to explain clearly what the true death means. You should still do your normal activity. This is to prevent the trauma and fear of death.

4. Recommend the death of the closest person so he always remembers it

One of the questions from parents is may invite the children to the funeral or not. That is fine to see the funeral process for children, but also always prepare an answer if he keeps asking. After that, always remind him to remember that person, such as displaying a photo of grandparents next to a family photo. This will make it easy to always remember the person he loves.

Death is not a matter of being regretted of, but as a lesson to be charitable and to do good for human beings. It does a little to make him confused, but by explaining it he will be able to get the lesson to sincerely release someone who is loved. So, have you been steady explaining this to your child?

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