About Rollover Equity

When a seller decides to reinvest a portion of the profits from the sale into the equity of the acquisition company, this is called rollover equity. The amount that will be reinvested can be as little as 5% and can go as high as 49% (keeping it below the control). If you are a business owner and you need legal help regarding how to reinvest the proceeds, a rollover equity ct attorney can help.

Typically, the buyers wanted sellers to keep the equity in the newly formed company. This had the role of assurance that the seller also has high hopes regarding the future profits of the new company. Selling your business is a crucial decision, but there are several aspects that you need to consider: being able to build the best team, finding a suitable buyer, and finally, deciding on how much you would like to reinvest as rollover equity. You can always reach out for professional assistance by hiring a rollover equity ct attorney.

When it comes to private equity firms, these generally partner with sellers and the entire management ram to so that they can run the business ongoing. This normally happens for a period of up to 7 years. Considering a private equity firm, you should know they typically expect minimum rollover equity of 20% as an investment.

Quite interestingly, a rollover can be structured as a tax-free rollover. This means that the capital gains will be deferred until the future sale of equity. Choosing the right buyer for your company remains one of the most critical decisions. This is important because almost all the company sales will have as a prerequisite an employment agreement- for the next 2 to 5 years, plus the rollover equity.

Selling your business is quite challenging, but if you have on your side the best team in terms of legal support, you will make well-informed decisions. You need to understand plenty of aspects, such as the post-transaction capital structure, the proceeds available to reinvest, key considerations of rollover equity, and other such details of the essence.

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