A Simple Guide to Salt Lake City Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are a regular occurrence in Salt Lake City. Any time you are on the road, an accident is probable. Not to make you fearful or anything, only that it’s part of traveling.

This simple guide looks to prepare you in case of any car accident claim:

The Claim Process

The claim process starts immediately. The law provides that the driver at fault is responsible for the compensation for any expenses or losses incurred. Ask the driver at fault for information on their insurance company. Contact the insurance company with the details of the accident. While some insurance companies are easy to work with, some will frustrate and refuse to pay. 

An insurance company mostly finds it hard to pay when a massive amount of money is involved. Whatever you do, have evidence. Keep all the medical records such that the insurance company won’t find a reason to lower the payouts. 

To increase your chances of winning the claim, you need an experienced Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer. The lawyer understands all the local laws and provisions in case of a car accident. They also understand how to collect evidence for the situation.

Statute of Limitations for a Salt Lake City Accident Lawsuit 

While the Salt Lake City laws allow you to file a claim after a car accident, you don’t have the rest of your life for the case. The Salt Lake City’s statute of limitations falls under Utah Code SS 78B-2-307. It allows for four years from the date of occurrence to file a car accident claim. 

For safety, contact a car accident lawyer early enough. 

What to Do Immediately After an Accident 

Your immediate actions, when involved in an accident, determine your chances of winning a claim. The earlier steps are to ensure safety and collecting evidence.

Contact a medical doctor to handle any injuries and to verify any internal bleeding. Call the medical practitioner even if you feel you are not injured. Afterward, call the police who will help in directing traffic and collecting information for the state. 

The next entity to contact is the driver at the faults insurance company. They will find important information from you and send an adjuster to evaluate the accident. In the meantime, take pictures of the scene and speak to witnesses around. 

Whoever you talk to during this period, do not accept liability. That is why you need a car accident lawyer who will advise you on the information to reveal. 

The Need for a Lawyer

Most people prefer to handle their cases by themselves. While it is an option, it reduces your chances of getting the right value. The factors surrounding the car accident can also determine if you need a lawyer.

Hire a lawyer if there is a contestation of fault or if the medical bills are too much. Avoiding direct negotiation and lawsuits can also require a qualified car accident lawyer.


A car accident claim can be frustrating, most so when you work by yourself. Contact a qualified car accident lawyer to help you through the whole process. 

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