5 Times You Will Need Harrisburg Family Attorneys

The image of a happy family is something we all love to see. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, we can see families who fight, abuse each other, and all kinds of things. Everything can be expected in this wide world.

If you find yourself in a situation like this unwanted, you need to take action. You need to hire a family lawyer. Someone who will handle the issues on your behalf. Depending on the problem, they’ll know how to take care of things in their hands.

In this article, we’re sharing the five situations when you will need a family lawyer. Some of these situations are going to leave us devastated, but without the professional legal representative, we only might get in a worse position later in life. That’s why this person is a must. Follow up to see when you might need them.

1. Divorce

Did you know that the rate of divorces in the US is almost 50%? It means that you have a very high chance to get divorced if you already got married. This is something you can’t control in some situations and the only thing you can do is to get a good lawyer to protect your needs.

Getting married is easy, but getting divorced is a complex and hard process. There are so many emotions that a person needs to go through. That’s why you must be cautious and let someone else do the job for you. Learn more about divorce rates here.

On top of it, there are so many things to be handled bureaucratically. There’s so much paperwork. Handling the other party and their attorney, and all kinds of issues that need legal support. That’s why you need a specialized family and divorce lawyer.

2. Home abuse

This is one of the worst cases that lawyers need to handle sometimes. Home abuse happens when one of the spouses torments the other person. The ugliest case is when someone abuses the children living in the home.

When something like this happens, the job of the lawyer is to protect the person being abused. They will take them under their protection and do everything that needs to be done for getting justice. If the person who’s abusing won’t stop by themselves, then the police will intervene and the lawyer will do everything to prosecute them until justice is served.

3. Prenuptial agreement

Lots of couples who are about to get married don’t like having the trouble of going through a rough divorce and they sign the prenuptial agreement or put shortly, the prenup. The prenup is a form document in which both sides agree on the terms that will be effective in case of a divorce.

In most cases, the pair agrees that the other one won’t ask for what the other side had before getting married. That’s who the two spouses protect their assets for later in life. Everything that someone owns, like houses and cars, will remain intact with this agreement. See more about the prenup here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenuptial_agreement.

Although it’s just a document, it needs to be written carefully and signed by both parties. This is a happy moment in the lives of partners, so it’s not too hard to do.

4. Child custody

This one’s probably the worst part of the lawyer’s job – handling the child custody. When a couple separates and they have children together, the kids need to go to one of the parties. In most cases, the partners claim that the other one is not capable as they are to take care of the children.

They ask for custody. In some cases, they ask for shared custody if they think they are both eligible to take care of them. Parents love their children no matter the situation that happened between them as partners. They want to see them as often as possible.

That’s when the lawyer should take care of the problem and do a better job as possible to meet the demands of both parties. Sometimes this isn’t possible, and two different attorneys will try to negotiate the deal. If this isn’t working as well, they’ll go to court and let a judge handle the problem.

5. Wills

The practice of having a family lawyer is not as popular today as it was before. Back in the day, families had their personal attorney who took care of all issues within the family. This is not a common case today.

However, whenever a person in the family dies and has estate or assets in their name that needs to be transferred to their heirs, this person is going to handle the situation. If there’s a will written before the death of the person, the job is easy. If you want to find more family law info, check out the link.

Not everyone leaves a will while they are still alive. Some people die suddenly or simply don’t care about writing a will. That’s when the lawyer will proceed with the procedure to make sure all assets go into the hands of the rightful and legal heirs.


Family attorneys sometimes have the hardest job in the world. Seeing how families fall apart is not easy. Handling their issues and problems is one challenging job. It’s even worse for people involved in it directly. That’s when they find the help of the professionals comforting.