5 Simple Steps to Teach the Children to Read at Home

5 Simple Steps to Teach the Children to Read at Home

When the child 2 years old already, their interest in objects will increase. They always want to touch anything that feels weird. In order to be optimally channeled, you can introduce them to a book that has a lot of pictures. After getting to know the book better, you can gradually begin to teach your child to read.

Indeed, children will not be able to directly proficient or understand what you teach. In fact, it is quite possible you will find conditions where the child is not interested in this reading time. However, you don’t need to worry, by having your child at Brighton College. because Brighton College, is the top 10 international schools bangkok that can teach them to read with easy steps like the following:

Start by Introducing Letters

Teaching reading lessons for a child should be step by step. As a first step, you can introduce the letters of the alphabet to the children. Ask him to say it after you. Then, teach your child to memorize the order of the letters, starting from A to Z. No need to direct all alphabet, you can teach him to memorize 5 letters every day.

Continue by introducing vowels and consonants

After the child has understood the rows of alphabet letters, how to pronounce it, know the sequence, you can proceed to the stage of introducing them to vowels and consonants. Give examples and teach your child how to pronounce it. No need to rush, so your child does not feel bored.

Entering the Stages of Reading Words by Word

After your child is proficient in mentioning the order of letters, as well as the vowels and consonants. Before getting this step, you can repeat steps number 1 and 2 until the child really masters it. For this step, the child will learn how to read word by word. You can help him spell letter by letter to make it easier. When training your child to say the words, you should choose words that are easier to remember and commonly used in everyday conversation. You can start with two syllables first. Gradually, you can increase the level of difficulty, such as eating, sleeping, going, and others.

Learn to Spell with Songs

The next way to teach your child to read is learning to spell with songs. This method is widely used by parents to prevent children from becoming bored while studying. In addition, learning with songs will make children easier to remember. You can compose songs that are easy to remember or change the lyrics of existing children’s songs.

Learn to Read with Cards

In addition to songs, you can teach children to read with letter cards. Generally, letter cards have interesting pictures, so the child will be more excited when learning. With this card, you can arrange words or show pictures to children and ask them to spell.