4 Correct Ways To Bike To Lose Weight


Excess weight is still a problem for many people, especially women who tend to be very concerned about appearance. There are many ways to go, ranging from natural to instant.

This phenomenon has become a land for diet product producers to reap profits because of their relatively large market share. What needs to be noted, everything that is instant generally has a bad impact, although the results are claimed to be relatively faster.

Instead of taking things that are risky, you better take a safe way for the health of the body’s organs. One of the safe ways you can choose is by cycling.

Do you like cycling? Or are you used to using a bicycle when you go home and go to elementary school first?

In other countries, cycling has become a trend of transportation for various purposes, including as a means of getting to the workplace. This time we will invite readers to reminisce on a happy childhood.

Cycling is a sport that focuses on movement of the legs because it requires your feet to pedal to keep them moving. Then how is the correct way of cycling to lose weight? Here we present 10 correct ways of cycling to lose weight:


For maximum results, any sport must be done regularly. Instead of cycling once a week with a duration of 3 hours, it’s better to cycle 3 times a week with a duration of one hour for each session.

Cycling is good is done regularly. Schedule your daily cycling activity. You can also cycle outside of special times for exercise, for example when you have to go shopping at the market or when you commute to and come home from work.

To make your cycling activities more fun, you can invite friends or family to ride together. This way you can ride a bike while swapping stories so you won’t feel tired.

Another alternative is to cycle on Car Free Day. Even though you may not know each other, at least you will feel the sports atmosphere.


The point is to increase the mileage. If on the first day you only cover 3 kilometers, then the next day you can cover a further 5 kilometers, for example.

Don’t force yourself to go straight for long distances. Your physique must adapt beforehand so that you are not deterred from continuing to ride.

Long distance travel

This third point can be said to be closely related to the previous point. To be able to lose weight, you need to ride long distances to burn calories and fat more optimally.

This means that the farther the distance you go, the more likely you are to get thinner faster.

Stay away from high calorie intake

Cycling or any kind of sport will actually make the body tired. This is what makes some people choose calorie drinks when exercising. Even though this method is wrong.

The body does need calories, but within reasonable limits. Exercise itself is a way to reduce excess calorie intake.

If you start to feel physically weak, take a short break until your energy is restored. If you are thirsty, drink water or mineral water to rehydrate your body.

Remember that a good bike doesn’t mean you have to overwork yourself.

Pedal on more rugged terrain, such as steep hills. The steep terrain will increase muscle load so that more calories can be burned.

This method will indeed make you physically tired much faster, but the effect is very good for reducing excessive body weight. To help you lose weight faster, actually there are ways to lose weight faster, namely taking natural supplements that have been proven effective.

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