4 Best Selling Women’s Fashion Business Ideas in the Market

For those of you who have the same passion, there are opportunities that can be used as a source of profit from the world of fashion. If you are still looking, you can try some of the business ideas below. So that your business is successful and your market is wider, use LCS2 that has been proven and many people try it, Interested? visit the official website here lcs2

1. Woven Fabric Business

One of the materials of women’s clothing that never subsides is woven cloth. Patterns or patterns and exotic color combinations make woven fabrics loved by women. This of course can be used as an opportunity. Indeed, to get woven cloth especially those made by traditional craftsmen, it costs quite a bit.

How to get started?

For those of you who have the ability to design clothes or a hobby of designing clothes, there’s nothing wrong with starting a business of making clothes from woven fabrics. However, if you don’t have that talent at all, don’t be discouraged. You can become a reseller or dropshipper of woven fabrics. Try to imagine the benefits you could reap. Moreover, there have been many successes from the woven fabric business.

If you have insufficient capital, you can take advantage of unsecured credit (KTA) as additional capital. About the guarantee, you don’t need to bother thinking about it. Because KTA can be obtained without guaranteeing anything.

2. Kebaya Dress Business

Usually this one is always worn by every woman in a wedding. Kebaya clothes, which were considered old fashioned after being designed creatively and modernly, have become one of the favorites for women to look beautiful. And just like the woven fabric, the kebaya clothes that were popular first are unlikely to be devoid of enthusiasts and can of course be used as opportunities.

How to get started?

There are several business ideas that can be run from this kebaya shirt. You can use your fashion designing skills to design, sew, or embroider kebaya clothes. Use the creativity that you have to create and innovate because today’s market segments tend to like creative and innovative things.

If you don’t want to bother, becoming a reseller or dropshipper can be an option. Or you can also rent out the collection of kebaya clothes that you have or buy the trending ones for rent.

3. Hijab business

The use of Muslim clothing is increasing as many women want to appear syar’i, but still be fashionable. This increase in the use of Muslim clothing has certainly increased the use of the hijab as an important part of Muslim fashion. It is not surprising that many do not waste the opportunity to do hijab business. From ordinary people to celebrities, they are involved in the hijab business, both in designing / designing it and selling it.

How to get started?

This phenomenon does not necessarily diminish your chance to run this business. You just need to know what kind of hijab and how women like it. You can also introduce your own hijab style as long as you are sure it will be liked by many people.

For capital, there’s no need to worry. The hijab business does not spend much capital. It’s a different story if you want to build this business on a large scale. In fact, some have successfully run it without capital. It is enough to wait for the buyer then take the goods and the money they get to pay for the goods to the goods provider.

4. Batik business

Batik users from day to day continue to grow along with the trend of using batik in various events. Seeing this, there is a business that has the opportunity to run. Indeed, many have entered the batik business. However, that does not mean closing your opportunity to be in this business.

How to get started?

You can choose whether you want to be a batik clothes designer or just a seller. The most important thing is your strategy in marketing it. The average woman tends to like unique and affordable prices. Batik procurement projects by government agencies can also be your opportunity to make profits.

The capital needed to start a business making clothes from batik cloth can be said to be large. For example, the capital you have to start this business is not enough.

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