3 Ways to Overcome Clogged Drains with Salt

Residential houses are made of many more types of material than you might realise such the different types of wood and roofing materials that are used, wall covering materials and the types of flooring available. Inside the house you will also find pipes arranged and used to channel clean and dirty water from the residence. Clean and dirty water pipe installations are usually found in the bathroom and in the kitchen areas. In both areas you can always find it under the sinks.

However, a problem that often occurs in the pipes in the house is a blocked pipe whether the pipes are in the bathroom or kitchen. This, of course, will make life very difficult and disrupt activities. But calm down! There are several ways you can deal with clogged drains or you can also call an emergency plumber Melbourne to deal with clogged drains completely. Before doing this it’s a good idea to first identify what caused clogged channels in your property. The following are some of the most common causes and some tips:

  • Disposal of rubbish away from the home. This is one factor that is not only often found in residential waterways, but also in daily life. For that, you need to be more disciplined in disposing of trash.
  • The construction of the pipe uses a sloping angle that is too gentle so that the end of the pipe is aligned with the outside drain.
  • The fire pipe accidentally caused by natural factors such as earthquakes, or other factors such as fire soda or rats.
  • There was a sudden decline in soil, so the point of the pipe shifted from the beginning of the placement.
  • Inserting cement into water pipes for certain reasons.
  • There is rubbish carried into the pipe.
  • And so forth.

Considering that waterways are very much needed in daily activities, this must be done immediately above. One way that can be done is to use salt. The following are some steps on how to deal with clogged drains with salt that you can do, namely:

Pour salt into the channel

In smoothing back blocked channels, the acid from the vinegar can actually help shed oil. However, in this article what will be discussed is how to deal with clogged drains with salt. Because salt is considered effective for cleaning water pipes that have abrasive and abrasive properties. For that, the first step you need to do is to prepare half a glass of salt, then the salt is poured directly into the drain.

Rinse the canal using boiling water

After the salt is put in the pipe, the next thing you do is boil water for two liters. The boiled water is then poured into a drain. Water should be poured straight so that you do not get splashed. If the water has been completely poured, then you need to drain water from the drain to rinse the pipe.

Repeat these two steps

Because in this way you will only use salt, so that the waterways really don’t clog up again, this method must be done several times. To be more effective, you can add half a glass of saltwater again and rinse it with hot water. But remember not to pour a lot of salt at once.

So, those tips and tricks as a way to overcome the blocked channel with salt that is good and right and you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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