3 Important Tech Tools That Every Notary Needs

Whether you are a tenured notary or are just starting out, you are likely familiar with many of the tools and supplies that are needed to be successful. Yet, no matter how experienced you are, you could still be missing out on some technical assets that could help make your job a bit easier. Here are three tech tools that you should consider using.

A Decent Printer and Scanner

Odds are you are going to be doing lots of printing and scanning once you complete your notary application and begin your job, so you will need a good printer and scanner that will hold up over time and can withstand constant use. It may be tempting to purchase the most cost-effective tools available, but this is not the time to cheap out. You’ll need these tools with nearly every customer that you help, whether you are copying driver’s licenses or simply printing out forms to sign. Choose solid tools with good warranties so you don’t spend precious time and money on repairs and replacements. 

Cloud-Based Filing Systems

You may prefer the old, reliable filing cabinet to store all of your customer data, but times are changing, and nearly every occupation is becoming more reliant upon technology. Since you will still be working with hard copies of documents to some extent, you won’t be able to become completely cloud-based. But consider at least utilizing the cloud for data backup so that you are never stuck in a situation where files get lost or you lose access to them. This is also a very easy way for everyone in your office to view and work with digital files instead of collaborating on the same single hard copy. 

Robust Security Tools

As a notary, you often work with very sensitive information so it is crucial that you keep it secure. Many tools exist for this purpose, whether you want to secure your passwords or you simply want some malware software for your computer. Be sure to secure any device that you use to perform your job—even if you only use it for simple things like checking email. You do not want to be the cause of a devastating data breach for your company or your clients. 

There are many new tools that can help you be successful in your notary career. Never forget about the power of technology and how it can simplify things.